10th Grade

While in 10th grade, you should begin to narrow down your future plans, looking at three main categories:

1.) Post-Secondary Training

2.) Employment

3.) Independent Living

In each of these categories, you have different options which you may pursue. 10th grade is the perfect time to start building your schedule around these choices and to explore further down that pathway. Work with your guidance counselor and Case Manager to further narrow these options down and build the best possible schedule.

  • During 10th grade, it is the perfect time to take the PSAT and assess your areas of strength and needs, as well as getting experience in a Standardized Testing situation to see how well you fare. Pay attention the Guidance Office announcements for more information.

10th Grade provides a great opportunity to explore these possible pathways through your Community Service hours. BASD requires each student to complete 60 hours of Community Service in order to graduation. Click on this link: Community Service, to find out more and see updates and opportunities.


Complete the attached Student Transition Survey to further investigate your future plans.


Use this Study Habits Questionnaire to identify areas of strength and weakness in your Study Habits, especially if you are looking to attend a 2 or 4 year College as part of your Post-Secondary Education.


Use this to identify possible activities and services to participate in during your 10th grade year to help prepare for your future.


This checklist can be used as a discussion guide in preparing for life after high school. Use it at your meeting to talk about your progress and how best to plan for your future.