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Mineral Identification

Mineral specimens are available for students to study in the laboratory facilities at most of the Austin Community College (ACC) campuses, except when campuses are closed. These images are provided to supplement the labs for GEOL-1403 [Physical Geology], and for virtual learning and study when necessary (e.g., pandemics). The photographer uses professional equipment, macro enhancement techniques and software (Adobe® Photoshop® and Lightroom®) to produce more useful high resolution images for education.

Helicopter view of Kauai, the "Garden Island," and Hawaii's fourth largest, photo by web author.
Magnetite specimen for virtual mineral identification, photograph by Sean  C. Murphy, 2020.
Garnet for virtual mineral identification exercise, photography by Sean C. Murphy, 2020.

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Amethyst (SiO2) from Llano County, Texas. From the personal collection of Professor Mark Helper, Univ. of Texas at Austin.