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Find out what is happening at Mansion Ave school! This newspaper is written for student by students! Articles are written, edited and published by our 5th and 6th grade writing staff please forgive any errors in the publishing process.


The Comeback of mansion

By ThePoet

As Spring crawls it’s way around the corner, more and more students will be coming back to Mansion near the end of March. The time has finally come for the “Merging of Cohorts” to start. No more Green, Gold, cohorts! You’re either going 4 days a week or not at all! Almost all the students will be in class, separated only by a plastic wall on their desks, and finally being in the same classroom once again. Wednesdays will still be all remote, to limit the amount of interaction, but other than that, Mansion is making a comeback. And sitting here listening to the speakers boom overhead of us, I think we can tell that the school is absolutely overjoyed for the new 4 day schedule.

Virtual vs. In Person

By: K.H.

Virtual Meetings VS Face To Face Meeting I think of that a lot and I think a lot of other students think of that too, so I did a poll on whether virtual is better than face-to-face meeting.First we will be looking at what face-to-face had to offer. Some students said that being in class made it easier to concentrate which means you would be able to learn faster and more. Others said that most students are used to being in class and same with teachers which means they don't have to adapt or change to being virtual. Now we will be looking at what team Virtual has to offer. Some students said that it was better to be virtual because of the pandemic there was less risk of getting the virus if you stayed virtual. Some other students said that it was easier to do the classwork, they could do it anywhere and any time. Now we will be looking at the polls.

Mrs. McCurdy represented 4th grade when she did the poll 6 votes went for virtual and 12 went for face-to-face.Ms. Busarello represented 6th grade when she did the poll, her class tied.

Thank you for reading this newspaper. This was to see how many people like virtual rather than in person.

Tech Tips

By: The Knight

Hi everyone!

Your Chromebook is a little different than the desktops or other laptops you might have used.

If your Chromebook freezes, try to reset it by holding the power button down for about 3 seconds to turn off your ChromeBook.

Then turn it on again after about 10-15 seconds of waiting.

CAPS LOCK is different for a Chromebook than for other computers.

There is a search button (a picture of a magnifying glass is on it) where the caps lock button is on other computers.

Press and hold this button at the same as the "alt" button to turn on caps lock.

Press the "shift" button to turn off caps lock.

Shortcuts are a little different than on other computers.

Instead of holding down command and tapping x to cut, you hold down control and tap x

Instead of holding down command and tapping c to copy, you hold down control and tap c

Instead of holding down command and tapping v to paste, you hold down control and tap v

How to make windows side-by-side on a Chromebook.

Here's a trick that can help any Chromebook user: use the alt key plus the [ or ] key to push a window to the right or left side of the screen. This can be extremely helpful when you're seeing a presentation over Meet or Zoom so you can see both the presentation and also everyone's faces.

When in Google Meets, if you need to unmute or turn on your camera quickly.

To turn on your camera quickly if needed, hit ctrl + e

If you need to unmute quickly, just hit ctrl + d