Grading and Comments

Elementary Standards Report Card 22-23

Translation copies of the graded skills for each grade level K-5 in Dari, Marshallese, Pashto, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian

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These pages can be sent home with the English report card to families as needed.

Configuring Grade and Assignment Display in Gradesheet
Individually Scoring Assignments
Sending Progress Reports
Mass Scoring Assignments
Transferring Grades in Teacher Access
Gradebook for Different Classes
Directly Grading Standards and Skills (No Assignments).pdf
Directly Grade Standards
Grading Skills with and without Assignments.pdf
Grade Standards with Assignments
Adding Grading Period Comments (1).pdf
Add End of Grading Period Comments
INSTRUCTIONS Qmlativ_ Unlocking a Closed Grading Period.pdf
Unlocking a Closed Grading Period
Teacher Closed GP Updates.pdf

Grade Update for Closed GP

INSTRUCTIONS Qmlativ_ Displaying All Assignments, Grading Periods.pdf
Displaying All Assignments


Creating Assignments
Creating Assignments When Using Standards
Qmlativ - How to Create an Assignment
How to Create an Assignment
Qmlativ - How to Grade an Assignment
How to Grade an Assignment


Attaching a Seating Chart to Room Layout
Qmlativ - How to Take Attendance
How to take Attendance
Qmlativ - How to Create a Seating Chart, Part 1
How to Create a Seating Chart (1)
Qmlativ - How to Create a Seating Chart, Part 2
How to Create a Seating Chart (2)


Qmlativ - Add Tile to Dashboard
How to Add a Tile to Your Dashboard
Qmlativ - Message Center
Message Center
Qmlativ - Student Info
Student Information
Teacher Elementary Gradebook Configuration #2.pdf
Setting up Gradebook (Elementary)
Teacher Gradebook Configuration.pdf
Setting up Gradebook (Secondary)