"Writing grows like a seed, not like a line."

–Roland Barthes

Welcome to the Writing Program faculty site!

Azusa Pacific’s undergraduate Writing Program fosters a culture of writing among students and faculty from all disciplines. Drawing on scholarship in rhetoric and composition, the Writing Program collaborates with faculty to use best practices in writing courses across the curriculum to help students learn to write ethically, clearly, creatively, and effectively as academics, professionals, and Christ-following citizens in diverse communities.

The Writing Program guides students through the process of mastering cross-disciplinary writing skills. By participating in Writing 1, Writing 2, and Writing 3, students are encouraged to develop a lifelong habit of learning to write and writing to learn.

The program also offers intensive faculty trainings, writing resources, a writing placement assessment for incoming students, and a standard lexicon to help ensure a consistent vocabulary and smooth transition between courses.

As APU's writing support services, the Writing Program includes writing across the curriculum, graduate writing, the Writing Center, and the General Education writing curriculum (Writing 1: The Art & Craft of Writing, Writing 1 Lab, Writing 2: Genre, Evidence, & Persuasion, and Writing 3: Writing in the Disciplines).

Writing instruction is by no means limited to the bounds of these three courses, however. APU students continually improve their writing by working with faculty who are experts at writing in their fields, engaging with academic texts, assessing multiple genres, and practicing writing as often as possible.