Issue #11

NOTE: This is the last issue of the 2022-2023 school year. We thank you for reading and hope you will continue to read our issues next year when we continue publishing!

Out of the Blue

The Out of the Blue club has published its magazine. Many TE kids submitted their work...

Out of the Blue 2022-2023

Summer (Poem)

By Harveen Kaur

School is finally out

Umbrellas and towels laid out in beaches

Mainly the weather is really warm

Many frozen treats are eaten too

Endless days of vacation

Relaxing days of summer have begun

Comic Strip.pdf

King Gael Comics

Panel 1:

Well, today is our last day!

Last day of what?

Panel 2:

The last day of being in a comic strip!

Wait, we were in a comic strip?


Panel 3:



Well, in that case

Panel 4:

Hello there WORLD!

This was a big mistake.


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