Brebeuf Jesuit


The 2020 Manitou is now available for download.


The Creative Writing Class of 2020

Art Advisors

Joe Winhusen + Mic Roessler

Technical Support

JD Ferries-Rowe

Faculty Advisor: Chuck Wagner

Over twenty years ago, I took over the stewardship of this magazine. Its purpose has always been to showcase and celebrate the best of student poetry, fiction, and art at Brebeuf Jesuit. This charge has been a labor of love, and to this day, I remain awed by the creativity and craft displayed by the writers and artists of the Brebeuf community. Your distinguished work deserves recognition. This edition of Manitou marks the end of my tenure as faculty advisor, but I am supremely confident that the long legacy of this magazine has been entrusted to secure hands for the future. Finally, let me express my gratitude to all who have participated in the production of this magazine over the past twenty-plus years, be they student artists, colleagues, staff or administrators. Without your contributions, this small tribute to student creativity would not exit.