Mathematics is taught to all pupils throughout their five years at the school. All pupils are grouped based on their ability which is ascertained through KS2 results as well as through our own rigorous testing on arrival and during their time with us.


Pupils in year 7 and 8 now follow our new KS3 levelled scheme, which has been created centrally by our sponsor, the Academies Enterprise Trust. This allows our students' progress and attainment to be measured in comparison with other schools within the trust, providing reliable and validated data when students sit the summative assessment at the end of each term.


In years 9, 10 and 11 the pupils study for the GCSE exam, following the Edexcel course. 100% of the final grade is assessed through examination, allowing a complete focus throughout the three years. Each pupil is pushed to reach their full potential by being taught by specialist teachers along with strong interventions such as grade-specific targeted after school clubs.


Although there is no current year 12 class, Mathematics may be offered as an option in 2018-19 if there is enough uptake from Sixth Form students.

The Team

Mrs. L. Dove

Mr A. White

Mr. P. Williams

Mrs. T. Jenner

Mr. J. Forster

Miss K. Silvers

Mr. J. Downer

Mr. T. Mbung

Careers in Mathematics

Mathematics is an intrinsic part of everyday life and permeates into many careers that you may not have considered. A strong pass (grade 5) in GCSE Mathematics is crucial to opening the doors into many sectors but a mathematical mind is even more important. Studying Mathematics can lead to many different careers - try the quiz at to get an idea of some different pathways you could access if you are successful in your Mathematics studies.

Students who do not achieve a standard pass in GCSE Mathematics (grade 4) will need to continue studying the course in year 12.