About Us

Greenwood Academy is a mixed secondary school in Castle Vale, in Birmingham borough and is a key member of Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) one of 58 academies created to provide thousands of students/pupils with the best possible education. At Greenwood Academy we think of ourselves, staff and students, as a family. We are tremendously proud of our diversity, making us stronger as a community and welcoming to all. Our mission is for each and every child at Greenwood Academy to be inspired to choose a remarkable life. We wish to instil in our children a set of values that will positively shape their characters to lead truly remarkable lives.

At Greenwood Academy, we intend that all pupils, develop the knowledge and character needed to achieve personal and academic excellence to lead ‘Remarkable Lives’. Here are two key drivers that form the backbone of our curriculum with each being built around the two most significant areas of need for our children and our community. They are:

1. Knowledge and Skills. The academic curriculum inspires and challenges all pupils empowering them through the acquisition of powerful knowledge and skills. Through this students are encouraged to aim high and continue their studies or training at the best universities or a credible alternative.

2. Character. Our character curriculum develops the academy core values of respect, responsibility and resilience. Students are encouraged to show due regard for the rights, feelings and wishes or others. They are also immersed in rich and varied opportunities inside and outside of the classroom.