Greenwood Academy DSL: Mr Allen Bird (Headteacher) and Charlotte D'Oyly

Responsible for implementing policies and procedures, allocating resources to the safeguarding team and addressing safeguarding concerns. Also, responsible for dealing with safeguarding issues, providing advice and support to other staff, liaising with the local authority and working with other agencies.

Safeguarding is the underpinning ethos of Greenwood Academy. We are committed to educating our students and their parents on how to stay safe in all aspects of our community and the ever-changing culture they face.

We recognise that in today’s society our young people are growing up in a more challenging and unpredictable environment which can have additional dangers that may not be readily noticeable. For example the growing concerns around social media, online grooming and grooming in general, gangs, weapons, sexualised behaviour and exploitation of young people, rise in the viewing of pornography and its negative impact on relationships, as well as the radical views of extremists. Safeguarding covers much more than the few listed and further on you will see the knowledge we aim to instil, the interventions and support we offer.

To ensure our young people are equipped in recognising safeguarding concerns and how best to manage these concerns, education around these issues is delivered each academic year with specific events calendared in.

Staff in school have a legal duty to report any concerns that they may have about the children and young people in their care; if they are concerned that the child may be suffering significant harm, particularly as a consequence of possible physical, emotional, sexual abuse or neglect. All adults working with or on behalf of children have a responsibility and duty of care to protect them.

If parents have any safeguarding concerns, please email:

Our commitment: Trust statement from the CEO

Like everyone, we've been appalled by the stories that are emerging across the country. It is completely unacceptable that girls are being treated in this way and we have a collective responsibility as education leaders to take a stand. We pride ourselves on being a highly inclusive family of schools, and whilst we have strong systems and controls in place as part of our work on equality, diversity and inclusion focusing on gender, racism, sexuality and disability, we want to make sure we are leaving no stone unturned in eradicating these insidious behaviours.

In addition to our existing practices, we are taking steps to ensure that each of our schools has the means to capture testimony from students - either anonymously or in person through safe spaces - so that there is every opportunity to uncover any issues, past or present. We all need to go further and shine a light on these issues so that they are brought out in the open and dealt with swiftly, including involving the police. To do otherwise, makes us part of the problem

If you are worried or concerned about your child or another child's safety and well being and would like to discuss it with a member of the Safeguarding Team, do not hesitate to contact us in school on the following email.

Click here for an online supportive directory for parents and students to gain advice/information on a number of issues:

  • Mental health

  • Online safety

  • Bullying

  • Sexting

  • Knife crime

  • Child sexual exploitation.

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