Student Careers

At Greenwood Academy, we aim to support our students throughout their time here in finding the right options for them at Post-16 and Post-18. We are committed to providing students in all year groups a planned and progressive Careers Education programme. Many opportunities are provided for students to consider their own career planning, as students have full access to impartial careers advice and guidance.

We believe careers education and guidance programmes make a major contribution to preparing young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. A planned progressive programme of CEIAG supports them in choosing 14-19 pathways, suited to their interests and abilities. The end goal is to ensure students follow an appropriate career path and sustain employability throughout their working lives.

Here at Greenwood Academy, consider work related education to be an important part of the wider curriculum, work experience helps prepare you for life beyond . It provides you with the opportunity to develop independence and the soft skills so highly valued by employers, such as communication with others, team work, time management and flexibility.

In KS3 it is really important students start to explore the kinds of Careers that they may like to work towards in the future. Developing an awareness and understanding of what options are available is crucial.

We believe that good career guidance helps inspire pupils towards further study and enables them to make informed decisions.

If you have any questions please speak to our Careers Leader Rebecca Clarke, Telephone: 0121 464 6101, Email:

SLT Careers Link- Debbie Oswin

Aimhigher Parents and Carers Guide 2020.pdf

Greenwood Academy is one of many schools and colleges that Aimhigher Plus is in collaboration with across the West Midlands. Our goal as part of the UniConnect programme is to raise aspirations, inspire and provide impartial advice to young people about progression into Higher Education.

Partnering with local Universities, Aimhigher Plus offers numerous engaging workshops, in and out of school programmes, supported mentoring and exciting trips to Years 9 - 13 in the bid to help young people fulfil their educational potential. Benefiting from this collaboration, our students have been part of strategic careers engagement delivered by Aimhigher Plus through local employers, motivational speakers, career advisors and staff and ambassadors from across the different universities.

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"Aimhigher made me passionate about going to University by informing me about the different routes, jobs and financial help available. It also provided me with Maths & Biology tutoring sessions which helped me to gain more knowledge and to pass my mock exams with flying colours."

S Ibrahim

"The work of Aim Higher staff and coaches from Y9-13 has raised the profile of higher education as a serious and achievable option for all Greenwood students and has provided invaluable guidance on skills and strategies to ensure they can make their personal and academic dreams become reality."

C Portsmouth

"Aim Higher staff are integral part of our school team, and by their presence have opened up new opportunities for our students in raising the bar to plan and prepare better for their future destinations. Thank you Aim Higher"

G Flatres