Grammar is fundamental to being a good communicator. Grammatical mistakes can vary but they can all deter meaning. These errors may include punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, subject/verb tense, as well as parts of speech. Matters as minor as misplacing a common can completing change the meaning of a sentence, such as "Let's eat grandma" vs. "Let's eat, grandma." When students have good grammar, their written content in lessons becomes not only more readable, but also much more interesting.

It is for this reason that all students in Years 7 and 8 at Greenwood Academy study Grammar for an hour per week. They will discover the importance of grammar and be opened up to how useful it is in the real world. Students will practise forming sentences, identifying different types of words, improving their spelling and punctuation, as well as developing their spoken and written skills.

So how is this useful to students in the real world? Grammar is hugely useful in all walks of life, varying from employment opportunities to social life, and education to leadership. Our students who go on to be leaders, will benefit from the communication skills that they will have learned - indispensable in order to give direction and to provide assurance of an ability to lead.

Grammar lessons at Greenwood Academy also seek to not only aid students' understanding of the English language, but also of the Spanish language too. All languages follow grammatical patterns, thus the two compliment each other hugely.

Grammar is a tool for opening doors for our students which will enable them to be heard and understood more clearly.