Pupil Premium

Our mission is “to gather and motivate inspirational people committed to delivering an excellent education that launches children into remarkable lives” and our vision is that

“each and every child is inspired to choose a Remarkable life”.

The effective use of Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) incompasses all elements of our mission, vision and core values. ALL pupils, including the most severely disadvantaged and most able, are regarded as unique individuals and receive both challenge and support designed to best meet their needs.

We passionately believe that education plays a powerful and transformative role in improving life chances. We aim to do whatever it takes to remove any barriers that stand in the way of pupils achieving an excellent education. As such, our main purpose is to focus on closing the gaps in achievement and attainment that may exist for different groups of pupils in our academy.

The Pupil Premium Grant allocated to Four Dwellings Primary Academy has an intended impact on narrowing the attainment gaps which currently exist between our disadvantaged pupils and their peers.

As a school in receipt of Pupil Premium funding, we are accountable to our parents and school community for how we are using this additional resource to narrow the achievement gaps of our pupils.

New measures have been included in the performance tables published annually on a national level. They capture the achievement of disadvantaged pupils covered by the Pupil Premium.

We are aware that under The School Information (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012, Schedule 4 there is specified information which has to be to be published on a school’s website. Section 9 of this regulation requires schools to publish:

  • the amount of the school’s allocation from the Pupil Premium grant in respect of the current academic year; details of how it is intended that the allocation will be spent;

  • details of how the previous academic year’s allocation was spent, and the effect of this expenditure on the educational attainment of those pupils at the school in respect of whom grant funding was allocated’.

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