Community Resource Program (CR)

Watch this video to see how a local historian, some students, and the Hands-On Museum worked together to create this cool CR course.

A CR is special because you get to create the class based on what YOU want to study! Here's what you need to do: 

You can also work as a volunteer in a  SERVICE CR.  Talk to your Forum Leader or someone in the CR Office about how to follow your passion!

2023-2024 Deadlines:

Summer Dates:

05/01  - Summer Application Opens

06/23  -  Application & Forms deadline 

06/28  -  Summer School Begins

07/28  -  Summer School Ends

Continuing throughout the summer:

1st Semester Dates:

05/15  - Application Opens

06/03  -  Application freezes 

08/15  -  Application Re-opens

09/05  -  Application Closes and forms deadline

09/08  - Notification of Approval of CR course

09/08 - Drop/Add Deadline for all Sem1 courses

CR Orientation Sessions:

at Skyline: Friday,  Sept 15, during Early and Late Lunch (you only need to attend one) in Room A212. This is a Conference Room in the Main Office.

at Huron: Monday,  Sept 18, during Early and Late Lunch (you only need to attend one) in the MCR. The MCR is located right behind the security desk at the Main Entrance.

at Pioneer: Monday,  Sept 18 during Early and Late Lunch (you only need to attend one) in the Media Center

at Community: Monday, Sept 18 during lunch in Room 307 and Tuesday, Sept 19 during lunch in Room 3111

Continuing throughout the semester:

2nd Semester Dates:

11/13  - Application Opens

12/05  -  Application freezes 

12/07  -  Application Re-opens

01/12 -  Application Closes  and forms deadline

01/25  - Notification of Approval of CR course

01/26 & 01/27 -  CR Orientation Help Sessions

01/27 - Drop/Add Deadline for all Sem2 courses

Continuing throughout the semester: 

A Community Resource (CR) Course 

is a class that you create for Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS) graduation credit. It appears on your schedule in PowerSchool, counts as one of your 6 classes, and is included in your GPA. 

Important notes:

A Volunteer CR Instructor

teaches you the content that you have laid out in your CR course plan. 

A Community Resource Monitor

approves the CR course syllabus, oversees the learning experience, and monitors the student's progress throughout the semester.

* If the CR Program reaches a maximum number of students, we will use the date and time of the CR application to form a wait list for those who have submitted the paperwork by the deadline.