Social-Emotional Resources for Parents

Welcome to the Social-Emotional Resources website for parents!

Mental health and well-being are foundations for social and emotional adjustment and competence. The core social-emotional competencies when prioritized across settings, can educate hearts, inspire minds, and help students navigate the world more effectively. Our emotions and relationships affect how and what we learn and how we use what we learn in work, family, and community contexts. Learning is an intrinsically social and interactive process. It takes place in collaboration with one’s teachers, in the company of one’s peers, and with the support of one’s family. Relationships are the engine of learning!

Explore resources to help you prepare your child for returning to school during COVID

As we anticipate returning to school this Fall, we acknowledge that these are challenging times - the classrooms will look different, daily routines and schedules will be different, and there will be increased emphasis on health and safety. There are many things parents and caregivers can do to help prepare their children for the upcoming school year. Click below to explore tip sheets, videos, and resources you can preview with your child to help ease worries and ready for the upcoming school year.

Mental Health Staff

The Sudbury Public Schools mental health staff work to support the emotional, psychological, and social well-being of our students. Each school has a minimum of a full-time school psychologist and a full-time school counselor. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to contact the mental health team if you have questions or concerns about your child's development or well-being.

Haynes Elementary

School Counselor:Veronica Rogers
School Psychologist: Melanie Francer

Loring Elementary

School Counselors: Karen BlumbergMelinda O'Neill
School Psychologist: Dana Naliboff

Nixon Elementary

School Counselor: Alicia Heymann
School Psychologists: Maureen ActonJoy Kazarian

Noyes Elementary

School Counselors: Jennifer NevilleMelinda O'Neill
School Psychologist: Elizabeth Clark

Central Office

District Social WorkerJennifer Vlacovsky
District Wellness CoordinatorBetsy Grams
Asst. Director of Student ServicesJeff Lappin