Welcome to the Social Emotional Resource Site
for Parents of Sudbury Public Schools Students! 

Throughout this site, you will be able to find recommendations for resources to support students with social, emotional, and self-regulation difficulties.

Sudbury Public Schools Mental Health Staff

School Counselors
Karen Blumberg ~ Loring Elementary School Counselor
Gail Doster ~ Nixon Elementary School Counselor
Jen Neville ~ Noyes Elementary School Counselor
Melinda O'Neill ~ Loring/Noyes Elementary School Counselor
Kristyn Traversi ~ Haynes Elementary School Counselor

Ivar Henningson ~ Curtis Middle School Counselor
Ann-Noelle McCowan ~ Curtis Middle School Counselor
Terry Miller ~ Curtis Middle School Counselor

School Psychologists 
Maureen Acton ~ Nixon Elementary School Psychologist
Elizabeth Clark ~ Noyes Elementary School Psychologist
Lauren Ross ~ Nixon Elementary School Psychologist
Melanie Francer ~ Haynes Elementary School Psychologist
Lauren Mahoney ~ Loring Elementary School Psychologist

Marissa DePaolo ~ Curtis Middle School Psychologist
Nicole Shapoff ~ Curtis Middle School Psychologist

School Social Worker
Jenn Vlacovsky ~ District-Wide


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