Alex Briasco-Brin

Welcome to the world of math.  I find math refreshing because it’s a purely intellectual endeavor, independent of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, economic status, religion and politics.  I find working with math to be fulfilling because it satisfies both my logical side and my creative side.  I enjoy the immense sense of satisfaction after being happily lost in long periods of intense concentration over a math problem.  I also enjoy the ability to be able to think in solitude while enjoying nature or just relaxing.  I’ve always been amazed by the patterns, beauty and power of math.  I’ve also benefited from the feeling of freedom and independence which studying math gives me.  I like contemplating the ideas of infinity and the fact that math is the only place where this makes sense.  I enjoy the challenge of writing computer programs to explore or better understand math.  I’m comforted by math because It’s the only place where absolute truth exists.  Doing math has helped me develop a feeling of inner peace and a better appreciation of the world around me.  

The picture is a Baby M ( left bound: -.7454326, right bound: -.7454245, low bound: .1130047i )