Edmund's Forge - Rectory Lane

Frank Edmunds was apprenticed to Henry Taylor in 1926 at the age of 14. He worked in the forge until 1939 when, because Taylors was forced to close, he decided to continue the forge with his brother John. John was a carpenter of high standards who worked for Bretts in Norwich. They used the old forge until 1945 and then moved into purpose built premises in Rectory Lane, where Forge Close is now situated. (Pic. Josie Hawes née Edmunds).

"The Office" and outside is Frank, wife Joan, and two of his grandchildren. c.1980

(Pic.Josie Hawes).

General view of the yard. (Pic.Josie Hawes).

Farm trailers became a speciality. This one was on display at the Norfolk Show . (Pic.Josie Hawes).

Brochure produced in 1954. (Pic. Josie Hawes).

F & J Edmunds issued this invoice in 1942, working from Taylors old premises, and using the Taylor letterhead. Note how the business had expanded and covered all the trades listed. The garage trade would remain at the old site when the forge moved. (Pic.Josie Hawes).

Frank and John also attacked the holiday industry and produced, and let, caravans on the South Denes at Great Yarmouth. (Pic.Josie Hawes).

Frank , busy at the forge just before his retirement in 1976. (Pic.Josie Hawes).

The site in August 2011 - 'Forge Close'. (Pic. Mike Fordham).