Mission Hall Bungay Road

The Mission Room--originally a school, then a Sunday School, Guides room, carpenters shop and now a private residence 2008. (Pic.R.Gooderham).

This building provided the first recorded Sunday School for elementary education in Poringland. The minute book of the Norfolk and Norwich National School Society states that at a meeting held in June 1827 an application had been made by Rev. Spurgeon and Mr. and Mrs. Sewell for the establishment of a Sunday School in the village for 70-80 children. Their application was accepted and the society agreed to provide a donation of books. Mr.Sewell was a wealthy solicitor who lived at one time in the village.

See Norfolk Record Office catalogue ref.DN/NDS137 p.105 (Jenni Southernwood).

June 1985 pictured prior to auction.

Details of the auction can be viewed here

Thanks to Sheila Hoyle for this document.

Sunday School classes.

1948 and Eva King with the Sunday School infants class.

Back row L-R; Eva King, Grahamme Tubby, Joy Garrod, Christine Eastell, Barbara Burrows, Larry Pittam.

Middle row;Jenny Cunningham, Hazel Cunningham, Sheila Gowing, Jean Tubby, John Gooderham, Brian Gowing.

Front Row ;John Tubby, Margaret Joyce, Terry Beresford, Eileen Lemon, David Potter, John King.

(Pic.Lily Gooderham).

1951.Back row L-R; Margaret Moyse, John Tubby, Eva King, Evelyn Davidson, Christine Hopkins

Middle Row; Barbara Tubby, Eileen Lemon, Lorna Clare, Ann Potter

Front Row;Robin Caird, Susan Crickmore, Richard Gooderham, Gloria Garrod.


1952.Back Row L-R; Jean King, Jenny Cunningham, Bobby Kelf, John Cawston, Christopher Burrows, Jean Caird, Raymond Penn, Rae Howlett, Zephania(Steven) Eastell, Linda Tubby, Richard Stamp, Penny Neal.

Front Row; Tony Lake, June Lake, Jean Potter, Ian Cameron.

July 5th. 1953. Faces L-R;Raymond Penn, Alan Pittam, Jean Potter, Barbara Tubby, Jean Caird, Christopher Burrows, Rae Howlett, Susan Crickmore, Robin Caird.

(Pic.Doreen Howlett).

July 19th.1953.Faces L-R; John Cawston, Robin Caird, Jean King, Barbara Tubby, Christopher Burrows, Rae Howlett, Alan Pittam, Richard Gooderham, Jean Caird, Susan Crickmore.

(Pic.Doreen Howlett).

1954 and the Guides pose for this group picture.

Back Row L-R;Margaret Mason, Pam Davey, Jean Goodyear, Christine Garrod, Merle Harris

Middle Row; Pauline Bligh, Jean Lake, Mary Fox(neé Taylor), Edna Goddard, Betty Dixon

Front Row; ?????, Barbara Skeet, Nina Clare, Edna Penn, Jenny Wilson, Gwenyth Thompson.

(Pic.Mary Mallett).

Four Brownies in 1957, and all lived in the 'Prefabs' in Shotesham Road.

L-R ;- Eileen Lemon,Penny Neal, Jean Caird and Rae Howlett.

(Pic. Lynn Gooderham).

1958. Jean Caird and Jackie Theobald.

May 1982 and these Brownies presented money raised, to a local charity (Pic.Jane Goodyear