Poringland School - Classes

The earliest class picture that we have, taken in 1884. Only one name known, Jane Thurlow, 2nd. row up and 2nd. from right. The Thurlows lived in Upgate. (Pic. Anne Barber).

Certificates for Jane Thurlow for years 1885, 1886 and 1887. (Pic. Anne Barber).

c. 1904. Head master Mr.Parsons,left, and Certified Assistant Jessie Woods on the right.

(Pic. Ralph Woods).

Class V dated 1907. Miss May Spruce is the teacher on the right of picture, also pictured below. May married a Mr. Phipps and became better known as Miss Phipps to the school children.

(Pic. Brenda Whitehead).

(Pic. Charles Bussey).

c.1907. This and the previous picture were taken against the hedge in the School House garden. Mr.Walter Parsons is the Headmaster, the girl next to him is Edith Herrell and the boy 3rd. from the right is Mr.Parson's son. (Pic.Doreen Howlett).

These early photo's were taken just inside the Headmaster's house driveway, against this fence. (Pic. R.Gooderham).

Gardening class in c.1914 and Mr.Parsons is still the headmaster. The boy on the extreme left, top row, is Edward Herrell. (Pic.Doreen Howlett).

Opposite the School House, c.1914, and these boys enjoy a welcome break from the indoor lessons. (Pic.Doreen Howlett).

School report, 1934, for Doreen Eastell. (Pic. Lynn Gooderham).

1937. The school first eleven;-

Back Row L-R ;- Mr. Brown, Dick Spalding, Dennis Brown, Eric Rising, Ronnie Farrow, Stanley Blanchflower, Bob Batley.Front Row L-R ;- Graham Giddings, Edgar Dicks, Horace Woodcock, 'Ginger' Knights, Freddie Pitt, Ronnie Dicks.(Pic. Gladys Spalding).

Copy of exercise book of Irene (Lally) Wilson. 1936/37.

Extract of School Register during the War Years 1939-1944.

Mrs.Minnie May Byrne evacuee teacher from Barking East London,

who taught at the school during the war years. (Pic. Pat Brock)

Class 1947.

(Pic. Peter Hardesty).Top Row L-R;- Raymond Froude,Maurice Hardesty, David Jary, David Page, Ann Haggith, Merle Harris, Patrick Davison, Tony Henry, Richard Clark, Brian Oakley.

2nd.Row L-R;- Leslie Dicks, Michael Blanchflower, Peter Hardesty, Cynthia Woodhouse, Jean Penn, Pamela Howlett, Jean Emerson, David Mann, Neville Downing.

3rd.Row L-R;- Pauline Bligh, Pat Lake, Sylvia Harber, Christine Garrod, Edna Goddard, Margaret Parker, Ann Goward, Margaret Sadd, Pamela Davey,

Front Row L-R;- Brian Balderstone, Nigel Batten, Brian Greenside, Rodney Cordy, Tommy Greensides, Philip Gricks, Michael Beaumont, Arthur Tungate.

A different 1947 Class. (Pic. Billy Goddard).

Top Row L-R;- George Warnes,Tony Carr, Malcolm Partridge, Barry Hardesty, Ray Newson, Colin Sadler, Michael High, Billy Goddard, David Cordy, Jeffrey Jary.

2nd.Row L-R;- Janet Carver, Angela Sidell, Janet Dixon , Joyce Davey, Jean Lake, Nancy King, Brenda Goodyear , Pamela Beaumont.

3rd. Row L-R;- Peggy Collyer, Betty Matthews, Jean Larnder, David Whiting, Maxwell Garrod, Gordon Oakley, Pamela Parsons, Maureen Garrod, Julie King.

Front Row L-R;- Sheila Minns, Julie Bligh, Mary Bales, Betty Daniels, Betty Garrod, Glenda Clare.

Poringland School Choir 1947. (Pic.Pat Brock).

Top Row 1;- Philip Webster, Roger Bond, Patrick Davison, Rodney Cordy, Tommy Grennsides, Leslie Dicks, Neville Downing, David Jary.

Row 2;- Miss Reid, Pat Lake, Margaret Sadd, Pamela Howlett, Jean Penn, Cynthia Woodhouse, Ann Haggith, Margaret Emerson, Mr.Richard Dazely (Headmaster).

Row 3;- Mary Parker, Pat Brock, Daphne Blanchflower, Marlene Hurren, Thelma Cordy, Nina Clare, Merle Harris.

Front Row 4;- Tony Henry, Christine Garrod, Pauline Bligh, Edna Goddard, Margaret Parker, Pamela Davey, Philip Gricks.

The choir in full voice. (Pic. Peter Hardesty).

The School Choir performed at Saint Andrews Hall,Norwich which was broadcast on the BBC Radio Home Service in 1947.

Class of 1948 - seniors. (Pic. Derek Bales).

Back Row L-R; Maureen Howard , Brenda Herrell , Joan King , Pamela Spruce , Beryl Dunthorne , Beryl Sadler , Jean Aldridge.

Middle Row;- Albert Davison , Michael Rayner , Jennifer Wilson , Eileen Woodhouse , Jean Spencer , Alan Parker , Michael Hardesty.

Front Row;- John Cordy , Derek Bales , Russell Hindle , John Leech , Brian Rackham , Frank Whiting , Bryan Buller , David Dicks.

Class of 1948. (Pic.John Hindle).

Back Row L-R; John Weddup, David Tungate, Clive Spruce, Clifford Farrow, John Miller, Paul King, Brian Tubby, Roger Bond, Philip Webster.

2nd.Row; Ernest Birch, Kenny Lake, Sylvia Downing, Peter Tubby, Michael Dicks, Brian Gowing, David Mutton, Primrose Hardesty.

3rd.Row; Barbara Skeet, Phylis Page, Mary Parker, Daphne Blanchflower, Sylvia Daniels, Marlene Hurren, Thelma Cordy, Janet Garrod.

Front Row; Allan Jary, Maureen Woodhouse, Edna Penn, Pat Brock, Betty Dixon, Rosemary Cogman, Shirley Garrod, Nina Clare.

Class of 1948. 2nd. Take.

Top Row L-R;- Jean Aldridge, Beryl Sadler, Beryl Dunthorne, Pamela Spruce, Joan King,

Brenda Herrell, Maureen Howard.

MIddle Row;- Michael Hardesty, Alan Parker, Jean Spencer, Maureen Woodhouse,

Jenifer Wilson, Michael Rayner, Albert Davison.

Front Row;- David Dicks, Bryan Buller, Frank Whiting, Brian Rackham, John Leach,

Russell Hindle, Derek Bales, John Cordy.

Class of 1949.

Top Row ;- Richard Elsey, Margaret Goddard, Jill Cole, ......., Margaret Joyce, Barbara Reeve,

Michael Barnes, Victor Carver.

Middle Row;- ...............,..............,, John King, Tony Goodyear, Malcolm Newson, Terry Beresford,

David Wilson, ..........

Front Row;- Josaphine Edmunds, Nevile Blanchflower, Clive Brightwell, David Potter,

David Bligh.Robin Page, Bobby Spruce, Jennifer Cunningham.

Class 1949. (Pic. Barbara Brown).

Top Row L-R;- John Gooderham, Grahamme Tubby, John Edmunds, Terry Farrow, Roger Jary, Terry Drake, Colin Harber, Larry Pittam.

Middle Row L-R;- Brian Spruce, Ruth Haggith, Rita Emerson, Christine Eastell, Peggy Greensides, Betty Cushing, Hazel Cunningham, Dennis Buck.

Front Row L-R;- Rodney Cordy, Sheila Goward, Marlene Hurren, Sheila Gowing, Jean Tubby, Ralph Woods, David Bligh.

The school football team 1949.Back Row L-R ;- Billy Goddard, Albert Davison, Bernard Harber, Brian Rackham, Colin Sadler, Barry Hardesty, David Dicks and Mr. Dazeley.

Front Row L-R;- Gordon Oakley, Malcolm Partridge, Russell Hindle, David Page, Neville Downing.

(Pic. Derek Bales).

1950 The school football team pictured in Pigot Lane where the school garden and playing field were situated. (Pic. Les Berwick).Standing back row L-R;- David Dowe,Michael Yellowley, Tony Oldfield, ...........,Tony Goodyear,

Terry Beresford, Walter Birch, ......Standing middle row L-R;- Reggie Spruce, Neville Goddard,........,............,.......,

Seated L-R;- Keith Davey,John Tubby, John Ling, David Newson , David Potter.

Back Row L-R; Michael Yellowley, Tony Goodyear, Walter (Ernest) Birch, Tony Oldfield,

Middle Row;- John Tubby, David Newson, John Ling, and Reggie Spruce at the front.

(Pic. David Newson).

1952 and this class is watching the athletics meeting at The White City stadium. (Pic. Geoff Balderstone).

1. Reggie Spruce.2.Tom Neale..3 Keith Davey.4 Neville Goddard.

The staff take a break and pose for this picture in 1954. (Pic.Mrs.Malt).

From L-R ;Mr.Money, Mrs.Hopkins, Mrs.Malt, Mr.Neale, Mr.Jones, Mrs.Brock, Mr.Berwick and Mrs.Neale seated on the step.

1955. The school outing to Staffordshire and North Wales. Visits were made to a dairy, pottery and a coal mine.

Some of the faces in this picture L-R;- Roger Jary, Hazel Cunningham, Richard Skidmore, Peggy Greensides, Hugh Digby, Betty Cushion, Mike Barnes, John Gooderham, Sheila Gowing, Pat Brock, Mr.Skidmore, Judy Feltham, June Dye, Jill Cole, Josie Edmunds, Miss Wilby, Julian Crisp. (Pic.Pat Brock).

Programme for an outing to North Norfolk in July 1956.

1955 and boarding the coach for a trip to the circus visiting Norwich .

R-L. are;- David Dowe, Ivan Reeve, Richard fisher,

Geoff Balderstone, David Seaman. (Pic. G. Balderstone).

1952. Lunch in the park after a visit to The House Of Commons. Teachers in the frame are L-R; Mrs Neale, Mrs. Brock, Mr. Skidmore, Mr. Jones, Mr. Neale.

(Pic. Les Berwick).

The whole group outside the House of Commons. (Pic Edna Welham).

Click HERE for a copy of 'Open Day ' 1956.

1957, these girls are extra's at a performance

at the Hippodrome, Norwich.

Top - bottom;- Jean Caird, Rae Howlett, Sandra Beresford,

Sandra Lea, Jeannie Potter, Dawn Caird, ???????? ,

Diane Spruce, Vivien Spruce.

(Pic. D. Spruce).

1958 and this group of pupils wait to board the bus for a school outing. (Pic.Eileen Lemon).

Some of the faces;- Christine Hopkins, Ann Amies, Ivan Reeve, Geoffrey Balderstone, Margaret Moyes,David Barber, Olive Goddard, Myra Sadd, Sheila Dixon, David Dowe, David Hubbard, Keith Davey, Bobby Spruce, Ann Potter, Jackie Barber, Madeleine Bales, Pat Weddup, Penny Neale, Rosamond Bales, Sheila Barnes, Eileen Lemon, Malcolm Newson and others.

Lynn Howlett (left) and Linda Smith.

October 1960 and this class was on a visit to Great Yarmouth to see the herring fleet. (Pic's Pat Ramsey).

David Wright in duffle coat.