August 21, 2020
A special announcement from Mr. Fuhrhop concerning the Unit 10 plans is posted at the bottom of this page.
 Please review it so that you are aware of what is being planned in case the district should need to go
 to remote learning.

January 18
Martin Luther King's Birthday

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Online ordering of the 2019-2020 OGS yearbook
and the OJSHS Timepiece. Click below.

Archived Editions of 
the Timepiece and OGS Yearbook
are available. 
Please see availability lists at the 
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Sports Spot

For up to date schedules please go to the Athletics tab above

All athletes grades 7-12 must register online. 
Go to the Athletics tab and register.

Booster Club membership form is located
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Please check the Athletics page for any
sports related updates.

Rocket Logo Face Masks For Sale!!
The Athletic Department is selling Rocket Logo Face Masks! Adjustable youth-sized masks in 3 styles as well as adult sizes are available. Please see the picture below for stylesMasks are $10, and checks can be made payable to OHS. Masks may be purchased in the high school office by check or cash.

OJSHS Calendar

Calendar Sports Codes

@ - away event
vs - home event

HSGSB - High School Girls Softball
HSBB - High School Boys Baseball
FBB- Freshmen Boys Baseball
HSGT - High School Girls Track
HSBT - High School Boys Track
JHT - Junior High Track

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