The MTRSD Policy Subcommittee meets once per month.

Purpose of the MTRSD Policy Subcommittee

There is no responsibility more important to the smooth and effective operation of a school district than the development of policies that help the school committee, administration and staff in the decision making process.

The School Committee governs through its policies and the Administration (Superintendent) manages through regulations.

The Policy Subcommittee shall develop and review policies with consideration of MGLs, and input from the administration, staff and community with an eye towards effectiveness and usefulness. Policy drafts and proposed revisions shall be presented to the full committee for consideration and adoption.  Between first and second read, the policy subcommittee makes revisions based on the feedback of the full committee.

Adopted policies are posted on the school district's website for everyone to see including the community.

Policy making is an ongoing process because laws change and the needs of the school district change.

Policies should be reviewed regularly and should be marked as reviewed, or updated or eliminated as necessary.
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