Mohawk Trail Regional School District Education Subcommittee Statement of Purpose

The MTRSD Education Subcommittee's responsibilities include:

  • Advising the full School Committee and/or the appropriate Subcommittees with regard to:
    • Approving District Standards & Revisions-Approving the District Improvement Plan
    • Aligning resources needed to achieve the District's Educational  Standards and Goals
    • Communicating educational achievements & challenges with towns/constituents/ communities
  • Overseeing/monitoring/holding accountable/reviewing reports on/evaluating  progress and products of:
    • Curriculum & Instruction
    • Improvement Plans (DIP & SIPs)/ Goals
    • Assessment Tools & Performance Data
    • School Climate (Bullying, Misc. Student/Parent/Staff Survey results).
  • Encouraging continuous improvement at all levels via high expectations.
  • Supporting the schools when requested to do so by being responsive to what the administration initiates for us.

adopted 12/04/2012

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