1. Mission Statement and Goals


It is the mission of the MTRSD School Committee to ensure that the District consistently provides the highest possible quality of education to every District student, while wisely managing the financial resources available to do so.  The School Committee will carry out its functions openly, with civility and integrity, seeking participation and input from educators and administrators, local officials, parents, students and citizens of our member communities.



 1.      The Committee will work with the District Communications Specialist and the Superintendent to implement a plan to improve                 regular communication with its key stakeholders, including:

–   Meeting with town officials (e.g., Select Boards and/or Finance Committees) at least quarterly to report key educational and financial activities;

    Regularly attending other local meetings and school events.  

    Publicizing School Committee Subcommittee agendas more broadly to inform parents and community members and to encourage feedback and participation.

    Developing and publicizing an annual calendar of key agenda items and expected reports (e.g., key components in the budget development and approval process, updates/progress with respect to District and School Improvement Plans, Superintendent evaluation, etc.)

2.   The Committee will work with the Superintendent to develop and implement a plan for regularly assessing the success of                key educational initiatives undertaken by the District or individual schools (e.g., Mass IDEAS, inquiry-based learning, service           learning, heterogeneous classrooms, Bridges math curriculum).  The plan will include an agreed upon set of criteria for                    making each assessment and the appropriate timing of progress updates.

3.   The Committee will work with the Superintendent and Business Manager to develop and implement a rigorous process to                oversee the MTRSD operating budget.  This process will include the review of monthly operating statements (between                       October 2019 and June 2020).

4.   The Committee will review and improve the orientation process for new Committee members.