Let's enhance our well being with a
"PARTY ON...line!"

You invite the guests and I'll provide the yoga, fitness, or postural makeover entertainment VIA ZOOM! It is a great way to socialize and inspire friends, family and/or colleagues to share in a healthy activity. Together let's increase the fun factor and enhance relaxation.

Minimum of 5 guests @ $40.00/person/1.25 hrs.

It's free for the host.

Email: leslie@fit4health.biz or
(907) 244-3155

Possible Party Ideas:

    • Functionally fit to age 100!
    • Walkers, hikers & skiers can increase your Stride
    • Are You Exercising Efficiently?
    • Moving With Ease - A Postural Makeover
    • Magical WristWand - reducing repetitive strain injury
    • Balancing fitness with "busi-ness"
    • Working with Ease - An Office Makeover
    • Cooking Party
    • Yoga Party
    • To Diet or Un-diet - that is the question!
    • Refrigerator Makeover