ADD a TWIST to Hosting a UNIQUE party this year:
 "postural makeover" PARTY!

You invite the guests and I'll provide the cooking or fitness entertainment. It is a great way to socialize and inspire friends, family and/or colleagues to share in a healthy activity, either in your own home or workplace. Together we'll design a hearty yummy menu for the party and fitness activities to increase the fun factor and / or enhance relaxation.

Minimum of 5 guests @ $35.00/person/1.25 hrs. 
It's free for the host.

Instructor:  Leslie Kleinfeld,  MPH, MEd, Certified in Personalized Fitness, Hatha Yoga, Postural Alignment & Lifestyle Coaching.   
 Email:   or  Call  (907) 277-5255  

Here's what Rosalyn Barnhill of Heritage Art & Frames said after she hosted a yoga party in her gallery in June 08:
"Leslie was able to solidify 8 newbies into a true yoga party--the results were both relaxing and eye opening. We stretched many different muscles that are so easily forgotten about in our day to day lives and we were reminded of how important it is to take care of ourselves in all aspects."

Other Party Ideas:

  • Functionally fit to age 100!
  • Walkers' party to increase your Stride
  • Are You Exercising Efficiently?
  • Moving With Ease - A Postural Makeover
  • Magical WristWand - reducing repetitive strain injury
  • Balancing fitness with "busi-ness"
  • Working with Ease - An Office Makeover
  • Golfers' Party with a Twist improves Your Swing
  • Soccer or Softball- moving to prevent injury
  • Yoga Party at Work or Home
  • Teen Yoga
  • To Diet or Un-diet - that is the question!
  • Refrigerator Makeover or We Are What We Eat!
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