Give the gift of health and fitness to someone you love.  Remember I can work with anyone by phone, no matter WHERE they live. Call 907-277-5255 to inquire about the best solution for your gift and rates.


finitely adds the element of fun to any workout or yoga practice.  Large balls made of heavier construction than sold in local stores – they collapse slowly if punctured.  One size does NOT fit all—you must be sized for the ball and the type of activity you are doing. We can do that by phone. Ball package includes ball, pump and either workout or yoga on the ball video or DVD.  55 cm package $55.00; 65 cm package $65.00 plus shipping.


A simple tool used for centuries by French wineries to prevent repetitive stress injuries in employees who turn bottles 32,000 times per day.  It can prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, tennis elbow, from the thumb clear up to the TMJ (temporal mandibular joint). It only takes 30 seconds to use! $15.00 plus shipping.

RUBBERBANDITZ workout kits

A fun creative way to work out and stretch the whole body. Compact, it fits easily in your backpack or briefcase when traveling. I sell the Basic Kit + Ankle Strap.   $46.50 Paypal or $45.00 cash discount, plus shipping.

For product inquiries or purchase please contact me at(907) 277-5255

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