Hi There! I'm Leslie Kleinfeld MPH, MEd, owner of FIT for HEALTH , serving teens to seniors since 1997.
My goal is to accompany you on the health path towards a fuller, more functional, energetic life.

Together we build upon activities you enjoy. This might include a postural and nutritional makeover; increasing muscle strength, joint flexibility, balance, and heart and lung capacity; and learning how to relax and restore. Hence, you become "fit for health" and able to do things you didn't think you could or haven’t done in years.

As a professional health educator promoting wellness for over 45 years, I have worked in large Municipal Health Departments, small clinics, and developed worksite wellness programs.

However, in 1995, my own mother inspired me to change my scope from public to private health. Mom was obese, sedentary and fighting breast cancer. It became clear to me that had she been more fit going into the fight, she might still be with us today. So I became a certified Personal Fitness & Lifestyle Coach and opened in 1997.

The other legacy my mother gave me was that of Yoga. I was a teenager watching her stand on her head in total confidence and quiet (left photo). In 1991, I was drawn back to the practice and have been studying with master teachers ever since.

I have a knack for working with persons with disabilities such as Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and genetic deformities. I believe that ANYone can benefit from some form of movement and that there is always a way to creatively accomplish this.

In 2000 I was among the first graduating class to be certified as a Hatha Yoga Teacher by Lynne Minton's teacher training program at the Inner Dance Yoga Studio in Anchorage, Alaska. (Lynne & me, photo right)

Since then I have studied with yoga masters: Geeta Iyengar, Judith Hansen Lasater, Father Joe Perreira, John Friend, Rodney Yee, Donald Moyer, Sarah Joy Marsh, and fascial expert Tom Myers. I have also pursued other postural and movement modalities: "Balance®" with Jean Couch; Feldenkrais; Alexander Technique; and became certified as a Postural Alignment Specialist in the Egoscue Method.

As a way to broaden my scope of service and assist people who may live in "bush" Alaska or other countries, I certified as a Master Fitness by Phone® Coach. So I am quite comfortable working with clients "virtually" so that you can become fit for health no matter where you are in the world.

I am available as a speaker & workshop presenter on a number of health, wellness and fitness topics. Some of my favorites are:

Create Fitness moments in your “Busi-ness” – work life.

Postural Makeover: a Life without Pain

Evaluating Your Office: Is it Healthy for Your Spine?

The Magical WristWand™ - Reduce Repetitive Stress Injury

Walkers, Runners & Skiers - Increase Your Stride

Healthy Foods for a Healthy Brain &
Busy Lifestyle

Refrigerator Makeover: Stocking up with "good stuff!"

Relax with Yogic Moments to Reduce Distress in Your Day


Leadership Anchorage 20, Alaska Humanities Forum

Living in the Body, Alexander Technique

Postural Alignment Specialist in the Egoscue Method

Master Fitness by Phone Coach®

Fitness Instruction, University of Alaska, Anchorage

Personal Training, University of Alaska, Anchorage

Geriatric Chair Fitness, CCS

Hatha Yoga, Inner Dance Yoga Studio, Anchorage

Elite Trainer, IDEA

American Council on Exercise

CPR/First Aid

Masters in Public Health, San Diego State University

Masters in Education & Training, San Diego State University