Association of Fitness by Phone® Coaches - intrigued by this concept of phone coaching?  Find out more information about becoming one.

The Egoscue ® Method of Postural Alignment - a very effective program designed to treat musculoskeletal pain without drugs, surgery, or manipulation. It is a process which involves a series of stretches and gentle "e-cises" designed specifically for each client to wake up specific muscles that brings the body back into proper alignment and functioning the way it was designed—pain free.


Lynne - My Master Yoga Teacher who certified me. She offers international retreats that are heavenly as she is a very gifted instructor and delightful person to be with.

Judith Hanson Lasater - An internationally renown Master Yoga Teacher with whom I have studied continually over many years.  She has published many books and is brilliant in what she has to offer.

Balance Center - directed by Jean Couch in Palo Alto, California.  Modern-day spinal alignment and practice of “balance” guidelines.  There is a good description of her research on balance and spinal health on this website.


Dancing Bears - A 25 + year old Alaskan traditional dance organization dedicated to preserving early American folkdance and music traditions. It has been responsible for teaching thousands of “left-footed” Alaskans to contra and square dance, which has led to exploration of many other dance forms. Great clean fun and exercise that the whole family can enjoy. 

Alaska Sound Celebration - A chapter of Sweet Adelines in Anchorage, Alaska. Great creative outlet for women to come sing their hearts out and enjoy making tight four-part harmony. 

Kalani Honua - A wonderful retreat center on the Big Island of Hawaii.  They always have something fascinating going on, including yoga and dance.


Denali Dreams - An Alaskan based soap factory!  Soaps for women, men, and canines made of very healthy natural ingredients. They make lip balms and a great natural bug dope too!

Alaska Farmers' Markets Directory - A great guide to local produce being grown in Alaska.  

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