Together we work holistically-- building upon activities you are able to put into your life.  This includes a postural and nutritional makeover; and increasing muscle strength, joint flexibility, and heart and lung capacity. 

Hence, you become "fit for health" and able to do things you didn't think you could or haven’t done in years.  
In partnership, we design individualized programs to meet your unique daily living needs. 

Are you someone who…

Does more with your mind than your body?
Wants to be more active, but needs some professional support     getting started?

Is ready for a postural "makeover" so you can move without pain?

Leads an inactive life due to age, disability or choice?

Wants to prepare for a healthy menopause?

Won’t exercise unless someone knocks on your door?

Then private sessions might be the best fitness solution for you.  

 Depending upon the situation, we either work in my  studio, at your worksite 

or in your home.


Save 50% on personal training with this option. The groups are limited to four persons and run in 8-week series.  The emphasis is on functional fitness training—strengthening muscles and building bone density; increasing joint flexibility and laughter capacity; aerobic conditioning and creating more fitness moments in your life.  Each person works according to his or her personal level.

Enrollment is currently open. If you are interested in gathering 3 other friends, we can start a group either in my studio, your worksite, or in someone’s home.

Contact me for availability and current rates 
(907) 277-5255

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