"I felt great after yoga today--like something magical occurred. I really need to remember with intention the positions from today’s class. The back bend on the bolster might have been really effective.  Maybe it was a magic combination of it all.  I really cannot remember my back and hips feeling so completely normal in YEARS! 

I kept doing movements at least every hour throughout my day.  I was so nervous about the good feeling going away.  As my day progressed, I stiffened up a bit since your morning yoga class, but overall I still feel pretty darn good.  Thanks Leslie.  I am feeling very emotional writing this.  Today has been such a gift.
Valerie Baffone, age 52

"Recently while doing some mental housekeeping, I realized what an integral, positive and vital part of my life you have been.  When I retired from my career and left Alaska after 37 years, I had no idea I was about to embark upon a period of higher stress and grief.  It was only after these life changing events that I realized how much energy I had put into my work, my family, my friends, leaving very little left for me.  Thankfully, you were available to me then and have continued to counsel and support me through this very difficult time.

With your help, I finally realized that in order to better fulill my roles as spouse, parent, family member, and community leader, I must first energize my own body, mind and spirit--a difficut concept for me. Working with me through this retirement transition to the present, you have been ever patient, uplifting and encouraging--even when I was a 'bad student.' 

Now I can honestly report that I feel better than I have in 20 years. I've lost all of my excess weight; my posture has improved dramatically; my once very arthritic body now has little or no joint pain; and my outlook is optimistic.  I really look forward to every single day!

Thank you, Leslie, for your wonderful coaching; the individualized program for body, mind and spirit health that you developed for me; and your guidance via phone and email.  I look forward to continuing our relationship as my health issues and priorities change.  You have been a life-altering force in my life!

Nancy Schoephoester, age 64

"Several years ago I played in a softball game, and as I was running to catch the ball I stepped into a large divot in the ground. I fell to my knees and my momentum pushed me forward. I fell onto the top of my head, and immediately heard a loud crack. Of course, my first thought was that I had really injured my neck. The doctor confirmed that I hadn't done anything serious to my neck, but I ended up having several neck adjustments and wearing a neck collar. 

Since that accident, I've continually had snapping and cracking sound in my neck when I turn it.  After taking your yoga classes, I noticed one day that my neck was no longer making those noises. I couldn't believe it. So I just wanted to say "thank you."  Your yoga classes have really made a difference for me. "
Sandy Foger, Massage Therapist

"I attended yoga classes weekly for over two years to increase flexibility and found no class to be the same. I enjoy the customized attention available through small class size. Leslie's humor, insight and knowledge are great motivators for practicing yoga." 
Scott McEwen, age 49

“The idea of sitting, standing and walking in balance without pain sounded pretty good to me. I have been practicing the balance postures and attending workshops and classes presented by Leslie. I have less sciatic pain and enjoy playing golf, taking longer walks and doing yoga.” 
Shirley Laird, age 59

“I needed help passing a strict physical test in a very short period of time. I could not have done it without Leslie's help, as she taught me a wholistic approach to training that worked wonders. After being shown the proper form to use for my running, pushups, and situps I was able to get more power and speed almost immediately! I was also dealing with a neck injury, that went completely away after being shown how to do push-ups utilizing the larger back muscles instead of my neck. My goal was to pass a test, but what I received was how to stay fit and healthy for the rest of my life.” 
Joel Swanson, age 25

“I am now 80 and my 5-year adventures with Fit for Health are probably the best thing I have done for myself because I am still moving. I became concerned when my knees seemed to want to stop working and made a lot of noise when they did. My doctor told me that I should get a personal trainer. I knew the doctor was right because left to my own devices I would do nothing. I looked in the phone book and found Leslie's name with a lot of impressive letters after it. I thought that must mean that she knew what she was doing. It turned out she did.
    We started a varied schedule that has been many things but never dull. We walk outside (in all weather!) with hikes into the mountains for picnics, coastal trail excursions and even enter some walks for charity. We work with the ball (and yes, my balance is much better), weights, exercise bands and if the weather is totally impossible, my tread mill. We garden, play badminton and kickball, and do easy yoga.
    Leslie will not allow me to say, “I can't do” whatever she suggests--and to my amazement I can do things I couldn't do before. I can get up after being flat on the floor, hike over uneven ground, walk on icy streets and put my bag in the overhead compartment on a plane. I still have to work on going up and down stairs and getting out of low chairs. I have gained confidence, feel independent and enjoy good health. Who could ask for more at my age?”
Gloria McCutcheon, age 80

"I originally knew Leslie as a yoga teacher. I never thought of her as a posture expert, but she teaches ways to move that are helping me correct old habits and live a more pain-free life. She is a positive and supportive teacher that keeps telling me that I can do it! Thank you so much for your comprehensive approach to yoga and life." 
Catherine, age 55

“Since I have a rare form of leukemia, it is important I keep up my strength and keep moving. I have been a client of Leslie's for 5 years and she has certainly been an asset to my well being. I have learned so much from her-- new ways of standing, walking and sitting for more comfort and to help keep me from getting the old lady’s hump on the back, ways to relax and help mitigate pain, plus the regular strength exercise, heart- friendly exercises, yoga and many more ways to keep my body as healthy as possible.” 
Liz Carter, age 70

“It took my friend almost two years to convince me to join her at Fit for Health. Now having worked out in our small group with Leslie's cheerful and coach-like motivation, I am stronger, more flexible, more active and more confident. Leslie is consistent in renewing her education in fitness and I consider her very intuitive and knowledgeable about what ails the body when it is in pain or stiff or weak.
    Compared to two years ago when I first took the opportunity to learn from her expertise in fitness, I now use healthy posture in walking, sitting, standing and working which allows me to do these activities for long periods of time pain free. I even endure airplane hours with more comfort. My balance and flexibility are much improved and I plan to continue to work on being "Fit for Health" with her help”. 
Sharon, age 65, gaining fitness instead of weight!

“I have Secondary-Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and in the fall of 2002 I had back pain, balance problems and was leaning over to the right side in my wheelchair.  I could not stand up straight and had a "S" curve in my spine. I had been working with physical therapists and a chiropractor for 3 years.  My aunt recommended I see her Trainer, Leslie Kleinfeld that had helped her so much.  She told me the Trainer was positive, upbeat and could do so much for me.
   We started working together and she helped me stretch and do several floor exercises to help with my flexibility.  The more we worked the better I got and she helped me regain my self-confidence in my ability to face each challenge.  Leslie is very knowledgeable about the bones and the muscles and how they work together.  She teaches you how to exercise safely to not hurt your joints or put undo stress on your body.  We work out 2 times each week inside and out in the fresh air.  I can still stand and walk short distances.  I no longer have the lean to my right side or "S" curve in my back.  I can wheel around the Anchorage Coastal Trail and keep my strength up for traveling and other activities I enjoy.  Thank You Leslie for keeping my aunt and I moving and still enjoying life!!!”
Connie Luce, age 53

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