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This page is for general 911 training resources. The calendar is updated with training opportunities in the state of Colorado, free webinars, and national conferences. If you have a training resource you would like to share here, contact us. For information about the Colorado 9-1-1 Training Standards Committee, click here.

Current Training Opportunities

Below is a list of current training opportunities. For an opportunity to be listed, it must be offered in the State of Colorado or be a free online course. If you know of a training opportunity that isn't listed here, let us know.

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Other Training Resources

Certification Programs

Sample Training Materials

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Colorado Training Resources

CTO Programs

Several programs exist for the training of dispatchers to give them the tools to train new hires. These programs are called Communications Training Officer programs. All of the existing CTO programs are based on the San Jose Model, originally designed for the field training of police officers. Here are links to information about some of the CTO programs available:

The following is the results of a CTO Incentive survey taking of Colorado 9-1-1 call centers:

Sample CTO policies: