ENP Study Sessions

Study sessions for Emergency Number Professional certification from the National Emergency Number Association are complete and all recordings are listed below. Feel free to use at will. All materials contained in the recorded sessions are valid until fall 2023. Sign up for updates!

ENP Study Sessions:

ENP Study Group FAQ

Introduction to the PSAP

Types and Features of 911 Systems/PSAP

911 Operations, Legislation and Regulation

Principles of Telecommunications

NENA Standards and Other Documents

Government and Management

PBX/VPC, Wireless, and 911 Databases

Development of Policies & Procedures and Scheduling of Employee Time

Contingency and Disaster Planning

Management, Legislation & Regulation

Next Generation 911

Selection and Placement, Quality and Performance Management, and Training and Development

Non-Voice Communications and Information Networks

Compensation and Benefits; Employee and Labor Relations; Health and Safety

What People Are Saying

"I wanted to show my appreciation for what you folks have put together on the ENP Certification sessions. I was trying to study for my own exam, and was searching for additional sources of material. Here in Montana, NENA doesn't have a strong presence, and there are less than a handful of ENPs in the state.

Thanks to the materials your group put together, I was able to get through some pretty dry and unfamiliar material. The presentation webinars helped contextualize a lot of the information. I learn best when I see and hear things, so watching a listening to the sessions helped prepare me. I even downloaded several of them from your YouTube channel, and listened to them like podcasts!

I took the test this morning, and all I know right now is that I passed. "

"Just passed my ENP exam and I wanted to say thank you for providing excellent video resources to help me prepare. Thank you, Colorado 9-1-1 Resource Center!!" -RJ in Arkansas

"I just wanted thank you and Colorado NENA for your excellent presentation of the NENA study materials posted online. I am happy to report that as a result of feeling nervous about the test I reviewed all your materials and videos in about 5 days and just passed the ENP Exam." - JW in Minneapolis, MN

"Thank you so much for posting. I am studying for the ENP and have limited resources available to me." - Ashley in Augusta, GA

"While studying for the ENP exam, I came across your agency’s website after a quick google search. I was looking to supplement the information contained in the BOK and was thrilled when I found the study videos you had posted. I ended up watching every one and reviewed the PowerPoint presentations associated with each lesson. I would like to thank you, your staff, and guest speakers for doing such a great job in simplifying the study material and making it a much more conducive way to study, understand, and retain the subject matter. I passed the ENP exam this past April and believe this was possible because of the resources you made available." - CG in Wall, NJ

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