Social Sustainability

The Berkeley Student Cooperative has many social sustainability projects and programs. Though this website is focused around environmental sustainability, social sustainability is very much a part of the mission of the BSC and any part of a complete sustainability approach.

Please visit for more information.

A sampling of the social sustainability projects at the BSC:

The Peer Support Groups

The Peer Support Group Network is a collation of support groups each with an individual community focus such as Domestic Violence, Buddhist  Book Club, LGBTQI, and Body Image Issues. Join us!

We are currently recruiting BSC members who are interested in giving back to the community and facilitating a support group.

If your interested in getting involved please contact:

Safe Spaces

Consent Zine

Anti-Discrimination Policy

For more Information

Monique Guerrero, Member Resources Supervisor:

Monique supervises the Member Resources department, which coordinates training and education, conflict resolution, and member advocacy. She also sponsors informational and social events such as New Member Orientation and NASCO. As Member Resources Supervisor, Monique attends ETCom.