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Energy Intensity

The following table and graph outline energy intensity of the houses and apartments. The use per resident is adjusted for summer occupancy and is for the entire year 2010.

Fenwick and the Northside Co-op are not included as re
sidents pay for individual bills.

Energy intensity helps the BSC identify houses that need the most energy efficiency upgrades and energy use analysis. For example, the BSC would look into high energy use at Casa Zimbabwe (CZ) before Kingman Hall. 

Confused about why your house is high (or low) on the list? Check out your house's energy audit under the Houses Tab.

Got a project idea? Contact your Maintenance Manager, WRM, and the Sustainability Coordinator (

Energy Intensity Per Resident, 2010

RankingHousekWh Per Resident
1Casa Zimbabwe 2,913.18
2AATH 2,548.59
3Wilde 2,122.78
4Wolf 2,079.09
5Davis 1,873.03
6Cloyne 1,772.96
7Convent 1,703.17
8Castro Arms 1,545.30
9Rochdale Village 1,508.59
10Ridge House 1,500.73
11Euclid 1,488.42
12Hillegass Parker 1,440.89
13Kidd 1,433.15
14Stebbins 1,334.10
15Sherman 1,221.16
16Lothlorien 1,195.87
17Hoyt Hall 1,189.21
18Kingman Hall 1,138.58