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University of California Sustainability

The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF)- UCB

Campus Recycling and Refuse Services- UCB

Berkeley Student Food Collective

Peralta City College District Office of Sustainability

City of Berkeley
City of Berkeley Sustainability 

Ecology Center- City of Berkeley Recycling


Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)

East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD)

Alameda County Waste Management

-An awesome resource for recycling and reusing in Alameda County.  Go here and download the “Recycling Guide,” under the “Residents” section.

Berkeley Ecology Center
-This is Berkeley’s place to go for green classes, programs and resources.

Berkeley Solid Waste

-See what you can put in the bins and the recycling rules of Berkeley

Bay Area Junk Mail Reduction Campaign

-Although it’s great to recycle your junk mail, it’s even better to stop getting it . . . this website tells you how

East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse
-See what creative reuse is looking to collect and ideas on how to reuse

Goddess of Garbage
-Turn your trash into treasure, see the Treasure Tips Archive

-Find things you can do with old CD’s, yogurt containers, making lamps and vases from glass bottles, and a ton of other things you can do with trash

Ready Made Magazine
-Berkeley reuse magazine

Bay-Friendly Landscaping and GardeningGardening!

-How to garden and landscape in environmentally friendly way; a great resource for in-house composting and a place to buy compost bins for your house

Build It Green

-A guide about where to get green materials for everything from plumbing to doors for all your maintenance, HAPS, BAPS needs.

Home Composting “Rotline”


-Free classes and low cost compost bins

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
-Energy Savers: tips on saving energy and money at home from the U.S. Department of Energy 

Environmental Energy Technologies Division
-Some info about standby power 

Home Energy Saver
-Developed by researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory to help consumers identify technologies that will save energy and money