The Berkeley Student Cooperative has a number of programs and projects in place to save energy. Saving energy not only reduces our carbon footprint, it also helps the BSC save money and achieve our affordability goals. 

Some of our past and current projects:

Advanced Home Energy Audits
In Fall 2009, Advanced Home Energy, a Bay Area company, visited each of the BSC houses and completed a walk-through energy audit of the houses and apartments. This audit identified areas where the BSC could invest money to save energy and increase occupant comfort. You can find each house's energy audit under the Houses tab.
For the Executive Summary, click here.

Energy Conservation Priority Plan
The Energy Conservation Priority Plan (ECPP) is a five year plan focused on improving energy efficiency projects at the BSC. Residents are encourage to work with maintenance managers to apply for potential projects for house projects year-round (particularly during the BAPS process).

ME2 Projects- Wilde & Davis House
The BSC won $41,655 in grants from the City of Berkeley to introduce high-efficiency heating systems in Wilde and Davis House in 2011. This funding, part of a package of stimulus funding received by Berkeley from the federal government, was matched by the BSC in order to maximize returns for both the City and the BSC. 

Hot Water Solar Panels
Many houses at the BSC have reduced their hot-water heating bills by installing solar hot water heating panels on top of their houses. Andres Castro Arms, Casa Zimbabwe, Cloyne Court, Davis Hall, Euclid Hall, Kidd Hall, Hoyt Hall, Lothlorien, Rochdale, Stebbins Hall, and Wolf House all have solar hot water panels.

Photovoltaic Solar Panel
The BSC's first photovoltaic (electricity producing) solar panels were installed at Loth in 2010 at a cost of $34,611.  $1,680 of electricity was generated in its first year of operation.  Here is the report from the first year of power generation.

Learn more about what YOU can do to save energy at your co-op!

Got an idea for an energy conservation project in your house or apartment? Contact the sustainability coordinator:!