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Water Down April - Sustainability Competition

April is Water Conservation Month, or “Water Down April.” This means...let’s compete to reduce our water footprint!

The co-op that saves the most water per capita as compared to last year, as well as the co-op that uses the least water per capita, will receive a cash reward at the end of the competition, to be deposited in the house account. The house that saves the most will receive $1,000 and the house that uses that least per capita will receive $500. And, think of the financial savings from all the water conserved!

There are many ways to save water, such as shortening showers (try a 5-minute playlist), conscientious dishwashing, rain barrels, full laundry loads, and many more. Visit to look at your house water usage and compare with other houses. Check out the water page or email for more tips about how to save water and lead your house to victory.

May the waters be ever in your favor...


Featured Projects

Worm Bins at Davis

After making a worm bin last semester to begin home composting, Davis continues to take care of their worms. "The most exciting part for me is when someone asks about the worms, wants to come see them out on the patio, and we can sift through and see the process happening right there." ~Natalia, Davis GM Read More

Cloyne Home  Compost 
Cloyne makes compost at home to nourish their beautiful garden. Their garden managers built wooden compost bins, adding weeds from the garden and select kitchen scraps for composting. The worms come from outside to the bins! Read More

Hot Water Solar Panels
Many houses at the BSC have reduced their hot-water heating bills by installing solar hot water heating panels on top of their houses. Read More

Sustainability TipAlmost 20 percent of electricity and more than 30 percent of natural gas is used to treat, transport, and use water. Saving water saves energy too! ~CA Public Utilities Commission