CLICK HERE FOR THE BSC Member Position Application 

Note: you must submit a separate application for each job you are applying for

How do I apply for a job?

To apply for a BSC job, click the link  ^above to fill out the associated Google Form^. The application itself consists of:

1. Questions regarding your availability, work experience, and your skills generally related to the job or jobs you are applying for.  You may also add your personal spin when asked "Please describe any other skills or experience or passions that would make you a valuable addition to the BSC or CFS. Feel free to use as much space as you want this question."

2. (Optional) A resume. This is recommended, but not required. There is a section in the google form that will allow you to upload a resume if you wish.

I have made a list of Tips for applicants. It is a work in progress, but does address the most common reasons people don't get brought in for interviews. 

Application logistics:

It is highly recommended that you read the job description for the position you are applying for on the BSC jobs website prior to starting this application. It is also recommended that you allocate 30 mins - 1 hr to fill the application out out. You can apply to up to five jobs each time you submit the application. Please save the edit link provided in the confirmation email so that you can update your availability and experience each semester. A copy of your form responses will be automatically sent to you as confirmation. If you do not receive this email, please go back and make sure you hit submit. 

We also recommend adding and to your email contacts to minimize the chance of an interview or job offer being flagged as spam. This happens often and people miss out on jobs because of it. 

What if I prefer to fill out the application on paper?

If you do not readily have access to a computer, you can come fill out the form at the Central Office (2424 Ridge Road). Due to COVID-19 conditions, please make sure to schedule a time with HR Manager Shawn Thomas at

Applying to a non-member exclusive job? Click the link below.

BSC Application for Non-Member Exclusive (Professional Staff) Jobs