Grade 8: Civics in Action

Course Description

The focus of the course is on building students' mastery of challenging subject matter in civics and government, preparing students for responsible citizenship, and involving students in civic action projects that promote and demonstrate good citizenship, community service, and personal responsibility.  The content is focused on the practice and development of essential citizenship skills (e.g., critical reading, discussion, debate, writing, collaboration, and decision-making) through the active exploration of a range of issues and ideas that are important to our local and national community and interesting to students.

Curriculum Documents:

Grade 8 - Pacing Calendar SY18-19

Grade 8 - Student Learning Outcomes SY18-19

Grade 8 - Year Long Curriculum Map

How do you address the need for deeper student thinking and routine writing that is grounded in evidence?
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protest_line_big.jpgPhotograph Courtesy: Boston Globe

Citation: Archives and Special Collections, Northeastern University Libraries,  James W. Fraser photograph collection, photograph taken by the Boston Globe

Unit Guides:
Note: The links below will bring you to a google folder housing all of the documents for the unit. The Google folders are only accessible with a Boston Public Schools login.  

Grade 8 Unit 1: What Does it Mean to be an American?

Grade 8 Unit 3: Roots of American Government 

Grade 8 Unit 4: The Bill of Rights and Beyond 

Grade 8 Unit 5: Choices at Little Rock, History of Boston Busing & Desegregation 

Grade 8 Unit 6: The American Legal System 

Grade 8 Unit 7: Civics in Action Project