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Welcome to Mrs. Shetty's School Wires page at Colonia High School!

For the 2019-2020 school year, I'm teaching Graphic Design 1, Graphic Design 2 & Web Design.

Take a look around to find more information about the classes I teach including curricula, syllabi, expectations and projects.

In addition, there are helpful resources for parents and students interested in Graphic Design.

Spring 2020 Schedule:

Click here to see current lessons for remote classroom

Click here to see current lessons for remote classroom

Teacher Goals ( I want my students to…)

  • THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: feel comfortable to explore new ideas and creativity
  • Thoughtfully plan & move beyond the first idea that comes to them
  • Be open to taking and giving constructive feedback
  • Understand real world connections between what we do in school and the world around us

Classes I Teach

This fall, I am teaching Graphic Design 2 classes. In this class, students will gain a better understanding of graphic design as an artform and as a career possibility. In addition, students will explore a richer experience with Photoshop and Illustrator. Most importantly, students will be expected to be creative!

(Graphic Design 2 is a R track course: Graphic Design 1 is a pre-requisite course. )

The Graphic Design 1 course serves as an introduction to the world of graphic design. Taught within the art department, this class can be taken as part of the Arts requirement for graduation. Students will be introduced to creating artwork through digital media. Specifically, the course will give students experience with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

(Graphic Design 1 is a S track course.)

The web design course is structured to give students a introduction to the possibilities within website design and development. Students are introduced to HTML5, CSS & Javascript. In addition, the course takes a designer's view of websites--encouraging students to think about the form and function of a site.

(Web Design 1 is a R track course.)

Alberto Seveso: digital artist & Photoshop phenom