Graphic Design 1

Welcome to the world of Graphic Design

In this class you will be asked to THINK...create...innovate!

Your concept (idea) is what sells. In this class you will learn how to create quality art that communicates a specific idea in visual form. Graphic designers use combinations of shapes and forms, words and images, to convey that information. The purpose of graphic design is to express, inform, and influence the thoughts and actions of its audience.

Your class is your “design company” and your projects have specific deadlines. You will be working as a graphic designer, learning to look at the world like an artist. You will become acquainted with the basic principles of Graphic Design. Emphasis will be placed on conceptual design, illustration and color theory. You will also explore the fundamentals of advertising layout, typography and digital media used in illustration and advertising. Use of pencil, paper, computer software will be introduced as design tools.