Web Design: Syllabus

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Publication Release-2.pdf
I would like to showcase student work in various places including: school website, art exhibits, Twitter, Artsonia. Signing the publication release form gives us the permission to display student artwork. No personal information will be shared.

Scope and Sequence: (Sequential in development of skills)

Unit I: Welcome to the WWW

Unit II: Interface Design

Unit III: Website Structure

Unit IV: Website Content

Unit V: HTML & CSS

Unit VI: Career Outlook

Class Standards

Assignments should be completed by the due date. Submission of work must follow the correct procedure or work may not be graded. Late work will be marked down. Class critiques will include examination and analysis of student work. You will also be asked to provide at least one written self-evaluation. All on-time work that has been completed with a visible investment of time and energy can be reworked or redone for an improved grade with permission from the instructor. Homework assignments will support or prepare for class work.

Major Assessments (Summative Assessments) – 50%: Studio Projects: x Punctual submission of work x Incorporation of all given specifications or parameters x Originality of the creative process – Finding a unique solution without violating copyright regulations x Craftsmanship in execution using digital media and tools x High Standard of Visual Accomplishment - well-crafted design, clear communication and high level of interest. Critiques (written or verbal) and self-assessments Major writing assignments Class Participation Minor Assessments – 50%: Homework (image retrieval, sketches, brainstorming, etc.) Visible progress benchmarks (formative assessment) Quizzes Short writing assignments


  • CHS Google account (an absolute must, so remember your user name & password!)
  • Writing utensil: You will be taking notes and sketching in this class. Be prepared!
  • Tablets, desktop computers and software are used during this class.

All materials must be respected and in good condition at the end of the class or you may incur a fine. Anyone who does not respect or misuses the equipment, computer or internet privileges will be given alternate written and drawing assignments as coursework .