Participation in this program is strictly voluntary.  In accordance with the Texas Tort Claims Act, please be reminded the District cannot be responsible for costs of treating injuries or assume liability for any other costs associated with an injury at school or any school related function unless the personal injury is caused by a district employee’s negligent operation of a motor vehicle while performing district duties.

PLEASE NOTE: This plan should be considered as a supplement to any other family medical insurance you have. 

This insurance plan can be purchased for coverage in sports as well as trades (carpentry, welding, etc...) If a 24 hour coverage is purchased, the policy will cover sports outside of school as well (ie: enrolled in varsity volleyball at high school and also on the Elite volleyball team). 

Wichita Falls ISD does carry catastrophic coverage only after out of pocket expenses exceed $25,000.

More information is available at Student Insurance Plans

23-24 Student Insurance Brochure.pdf
23-24 Spanish Insurance Brochure.pdf

Student Insurance Claim Form:

23-24 Claim Form.pdf

Student Insurance Parent Letter:

23-24 Parent Letter.pdf