staff injuries workers Compensation

The First Report of Injury can be filled out online! Click here: First Report of Injury (FROI) DWC01

Injured? Take the following steps:

  • Contact Risk Management if you need to be seen immediately 235-1008 or ext 10008
  • Complete the paperwork in its entirety (if using paper form located at the bottom of the page), make sure it is signed, and email over to Risk Management at this email
  • Go to the physician (you must contact RM first!) - your time for the first visit to the clinic is paid for by the district. Your must use your personal leave for follow up appointments.
  • Make sure all paperwork you receive from the physician is brought or emailed to Risk Management right after your appointment.

(WFISD Policy Online can be found here REF: LDU2013.10 DEC Reg; LDU2014.15 DEC Local; LDU2014.16 CKB Reg; Update103 DEC Legal; Updated97 CRE Legal)

Complete the Injury Report Online!

Be sure and read the following info packet regarding your WC injury

READ ME - Your WC Injury.pdf

FROI Paper form

111518 Employee First Report of Injury (FROI).pdf