Start Online Pre-registration

Prior to dropping off documents at the school, please complete the online pre-registration form:

  1. Create a Family Connection account* (You must have a valid email address to do so.)
  2. Retrieve your "Welcome" email and click on the link to activate your Family Connection account. (If you do not see your "welcome" email in your inbox, check your spam folder for an email from .)
  3. Complete all requested information in the online registration form. (Don't forget to click "Submit" when done.)

Kindergarten pre-registration is not complete until the online registration form has been submitted and the following documentation has been presented to the assigned elementary school.

  1. Birth Certificate (original - will be copied and returned to you)
  2. Proof of residency (copy of a bill, lease, or Purchase & Sale agreement with name and address)
  3. Completed Health History form
  4. Health Record and immunizations (from physician)
  5. Kindergarten enrollment letter stating preference for full or half day program

If your child has previously attended preschool or kindergarten, or received special education services outside of the Walpole Public School district, please provide a copy of:

  • The active IEP or 504 Plan
  • The most recent special education evaluation
  • Progress reports from the current or previous school

*Please email for assistance if there are any issues with Family Connection account creation or data entry.