Daniel Feeney Preschool Application

Daniel Feeney Preschool Center application for enrollment:

Parents who wish to enroll their preschool student in Daniel Feeney Preschool, or begin the special education evaluation process for a preschool aged child, must first contact the Director of the preschool, Ms. Julie Martin, at 508.660.7374 to arrange for screening.

  • Upon approval of the Preschool Director, parents will be provided direction regarding the next steps in the process to register their child and submit necessary documentation to the Superintendent's Office.
  • If the preschool program is at full enrollment at the time of application, the student will be put on a waitlist for the next available spot.
  • Completion of the online application for student registration without prior approval of the Preschool Director does not pre-register your child for the Daniel Feeney Preschool Center or initiate the special education evaluation process.

Deposit and payments due upon acceptance into the preschool program:

    • Parents are required to submit a deposit payment in an amount equal to the total of first and last month's tuition prior to the child's first day of attendance.


2019-2020 Tuition