Ingmar Werneburg

Select Lab-Collaborators



Serjoscha Evers

Serjoscha is expert in turtle cranial anatomy and uses µCT to analyze and quantify morphological data.

Joined publications: Evers et al. (2019, 2022), Ferreira et al. (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021), Foth et al. (2018), Werneburg et al. (2021a,b)

Hiroki Higashiyama

Hiroki studies vertebrate morphology in great detail, incl. the maxillary nerve, using modern EvoDevo methodology and classical approaches. 

Joined publications: Higashiyama et al. (2021), Werneburg et al. (2021d)

Uwe Hoßfeld

Uwe Hoßfeld is a renowned historian of science and, for example, focussing on the legacy of Ernst Haeckel. We also share a great interest in the history of comparative anatomy.

Joined publications: Werneburg et al. (2022a-c), Werneburg et al. (in press)

Walter G. Joyce

Ingmar's postdoc host in 2012/13 (Tübingen)

As expert of fossil turtles and their anatomy Walter uses classical techniques of paleontology and cladistics.

Joined publications: Evers et al. (2021, 2022), Foth et al. (2018), Joyce et al. (2012, 2013), Paulina-Carabajal et al. (2013), Werneburg & Joyce (2021), Werneburg et al. (2012a,b, 2013a,c-f 2015a,b)

Daisuke B. Koyabu

Dai is working on heterochronies and several morphological adaptations of mammals, focussing for example on the ossification and the organogenesis of bats. 

Joined publications: Abel et al. (2019, 2021a-b, 2022a-b), Hiashiyama et al. (2021), Koyabu et al. (2014a-b), Nojiri et al. (2018a-e, 2019a-c, 2021), Sánchez-Villagra et al. (2015), Werneburg et al. (2015d, 2016), Zhang et al. (2022a-c)

Wolfgang Maier

Ingmar's mentor in Tübingen since 2012

Prof. Maier works mainly on the craniogenesis of mammals. Together with Irina Ruf, Ingmar published a Festschrift on the occassion of Wolfgang Maier's 80th birthday (Werneburg & Ruf 2022a-b) and organized a symposium. Maier was honored by naming a new dinosaur species Tuebingosaurus maierfritzorum (Regalado Fernandez & Werneburg 2022a). Ingmar edited his book "Der Weg zum Menschen" (Maier 2017, 2021).

Joined publications: Maier & Werneburg (2013, 2014a-b), Werneburg & Maier (2018, 2019a-b), Werneburg et al. (2013a,d)

Stephan Lautenschlager

Stephan is highly interested in digital vertebrate morphology and expert in visualization and quantification of µCT-data, incl. GM- and FEA-methodology. We have shared papers on cranial biomechanics and brain endocast evolution. 

Joined publications: Ferreira et al. (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021), Lautenschlager et al. (2016, 2018), Witzmann et al. (2016a-b)

Torsten M. Scheyer

Torsten was co-adviser during Ingmar's PhD in Zürich and introduced him to the world of paleontology. He is expert in paleohistology, turtle evolution, and ancient marine reptiles.

Joined publications: Müller et al. (2008, 2010a-b), Pommery et al. (2021a-c), Scheyer et al. (2009, 2013)

Marcelo R. Sánchez-Villagra

Marcelo was Ingmar's PhD supervisor. He is interested in biology, paleontology, and cultural evolution. Marcelo made Ingmar's scientific life possible from the very beginning and supported him long beyond his PhD thesis and they continue collaborations over the years. Ingmar translated Marcelo's book "Embryos in Deep Time" into German (Werneburg 2012b).

Joined publications: Cordero et al. (2019, 2020), Geiger et al. (2019), Hüppi et al. (2018, 2019, 2021), Koyabu et al. (2014a-b), Müller et al. (2008, 2009, 2010a-b), Núñez-León et al. (2017, 2019, 2021), Sánchez-Villagra & Werneburg (2016, 2018), Sánchez-Villagra et al. (2015, 2018), Scheyer et al. (2009, 2013), Werneburg & Sánchez-Villagra (2009, 2011, 2015), Werneburg et al. (2008a-b, 2009a-d, 2013b, 2015d, 2016)