Why Should I Volunteer Any Time to WAMA!

All the time people are saying, "Hey man, volunteer for a WAMA committee." You know AskMike, I only have so much time. I work full time and I've got to keep the band going. What I want to know is, why should I volunteer? What's in it for me? You gonna give me a Wammie or something?

Ask not what your WAMA can do for you, but what you can do for your WAMA. Consider this: By working for our music community, you actually serve yourself.

When you volunteer with WAMA, you meet people in the industry and they have the opportunity to find out about you. Volunteering helps to develop the local music industry; which in turn makes it easier for you to develop your own career. Volunteers are able to work with professionals in the music business and learn new and useful skills.

AskMike can think of several volunteers who have advanced to new jobs in the business as a result of having worked for WAMA. So you see, working for the community is an excellent method of self- advancement, coupled with a sense of accomplishment. And yes, maybe you will get a Wammie because more people know you and your work.

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