Contact Impaired

I'm a new manager without contacts in the music business - how do I go about getting my group's music heard?

(This question was answered by the renowned music business manager Michael Oberman.)

Don't waste paper or time and money with long distance calls. Most A & R reps don't even return calls of managers with track records. There are several other ways to go about getting your acts' tapes heard.

Some would suggest that you try stalking a major label A & R god. Wait outside their office building, grab one - take him/her to a deserted warehouse in Secaucus. Play your tape over a 20,000 watt system - you'll have to set up the system (at your expense) before the godnapping. To assure his attention, tell him your act is from the buzz city of the time. Also tell him he can hear the act live in a club that is close to an area where there are plenty of hookers.

AskMike suggests that you try the following: Contact an entertainment industry attorney and arrange for them to hear the tape - hoping they will be able to help you get it heard. Try co-managing the act with a manager who is well connected in the industry.

Study library science.

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