I Want a Wammie!

Hey man, how can I get nominated for a Wammie? Do I bribe someone, or what? Is there a Wammies application? I don't get it. I joined, where's my Wammie?

Lot's of people AskMike that question. No, bribes won't help, unless you want to pay off the whole WAMA membership. If you decide to go that route, see your copy of the WAMA Pages for member addresses.

There isn't an application, either. The Wammies are voted on by the WAMA membership. The voting and nominating committee mails blank nominating ballots to paid up WAMA members. When returned, the nominating ballots are then tallied and a final ballot is created and mailed to the membership. The results of the nominating and final voting are a direct reflection of the knowledge and tastes of the membership.

The best way to influence the voting is to vote, and to encourage others to join WAMA and vote. Another AskMike suggestion would be to tell the membership about yourself by advertising in that great industry trade paper, WAMA News.

AskMike receives several calls and letters a week about how to get nominated for a Wammie. In response, AskMike would like to remind you that Wammies are nominated and voted on by the WAMA membership. You need to develop name recognition and respect among the voters.

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