Crosstown Jam, Why Isn't There More _______ Music?

How come WAMA doesn't have more alternative music in the Crosstown Jam? And, why don't you ever do anything at the 9:30 Club?

Actually, AskMike hears that quite a lot, but about different genres of music. People ask, "Why isn't there more Jazz or more Big Band or Go Go or Metal or Polka music?" WAMA is committed to presenting all musical styles, but that must be based on the resources that are available. We consider whether our volunteers have enough knowledge to assemble and promote a show with a particular style of music. For instance, not a lot of our volunteers have a background in Polka music. Then we consider whether we have the right venue and the right groups. If a good club, for say - metal, is available and the volunteers believe that we have a show that will be successful - then we do it. It's that simple. On-the-other hand if we don't have the resources to promote a show properly, it serves no one to force it.

As for the 9:30 Club, we would be pleased to do shows there. However, the decision is not ours alone. It is based on many factors including whether a date is available, and if the club is willing to donate 100% of the door to charity. Operating a club is a tough business, each club must weigh for themselves whether a Crosstown Jam show is in their best interest. For whatever reason, the 9:30 Club did not choose to participate. That does not mean that WAMA doesn't want to promote Alternative music.

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